Our Directorate is in charge of the recognition of foreign higher education diplomas for the French-speaking part of Belgium.

The recognition decisions we issue are therefore taken with regard to the higher education system of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

Competent education authorities in Belgium

In Belgium, education competencies are managed by the various linguistic communities in the country: the French Community (Wallonia-Brussels Federation), the Flemish Community and the German-speaking Community.



What are the requests handled by our Directorate?

Our Directorate processes applications for equivalence of foreign higher education diplomas as well as requests for professional recognition for teacher qualifications obtained within the European Economic Area.

As regards the equivalence of diplomas, the applications sent to us are almost exclusively processed for professional purposes.

We are entitled to award equivalences to specific academic degrees:

On the other hand, we cannot evaluate foreign diplomas comparable to transitional bachelor’s degrees or to initial post-training specialisations ( specialised bachelor’s degree specialised master's degree).

In addition, the equivalences of foreign doctoral degrees come under the exclusive responsibility of the universities in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

We may also issue equivalences to certify the study level of training completed abroad.

These equivalences cover the generic levels of higher education certificates, bachelor's and master's degrees.

Finally, we process certain requests for equivalence for the purpose of continued studies, provided that this recognition of the foreign higher education diploma is explicitly provided for in the conditions of access to training. For example: for studies leading to a specialised bachelor's degree organised in short-cycle education, to an AESS (aggregation of upper secondary education), etc.

Summary of requests processed by our Directorate, according to their purpose:

For working

  • Specific degrees: BES, Professionally-oriented Bachelor’s degree (short cycle), Master’s degree
  • Study level: BES, Bachelor’s, Master’s

  • Specific degrees: Transitional bachelor's degree, specialised bachelor's degree, specialised master's degree, doctorate


For studying

  • Enrolment in AESS (aggregation of upper secondary education)
  • CAP
  • Specialised bachelor's degree

  • Admission to a bachelor's degree
  • Admission to a master's degree or a specialised master's degree
  • Admission to a PhD