Commencing graduate studies


If you wish to enrol in undergraduate studies such as those leading to an initial Bachelor’s degree (e.g. Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Midwifery, Bachelor of Speech Therapy, etc.), equivalence of a foreign degree giving access to higher education is required.

Example: I have a French or Moroccan baccalaureate and I want to start a bachelor's degree in dental sciences.


You must have a qualification equivalent to our Certificate of Higher Secondary Education (CESS) in order to be able to register in the regular manner. You can find all the useful information on these equivalences on the website dedicated to secondary education.

Pursuing higher education

Have you studied in a higher education system abroad and want to pursue higher education within the Wallonia-Brussels Federation?

In the majority of cases, equivalence of your foreign higher education diploma is not required.

The request for further study should be sent directly to the higher education institution of your choice (see That institution will then review the comparability of your previous studies with those you wish to pursue and decide on the programme of study you can be admitted to. It is also the responsibility of the institution to evaluate the credits obtained abroad for granting you any exemptions. It may also decide on requests for the validation of experience acquired, professional or personal .

There are exceptions for which prior equivalence of your degree is required:

  • Enrolment in studies leading to an AESS diploma (aggregation of higher secondary education),
  • Enrolment in the Certificate of Pedagogical Competence (CAP),
  • Enrolment in specialisation courses organised in short-cycle education (specialised bachelor's degree).

This list is not exhaustive. You must therefore always check with the institution concerned regarding the conditions of access relating to the training you wish to pursue.

Examples of situations in which equivalence of a higher education diploma is required

  • I have a degree from Laurea Specialistica and I want to become a teacher by enrolling in the AESS (aggregation of upper secondary education).
  • I want to enrol in a Specialised Bachelor’s Degree: Health Executive based on my Canadian Nursing Degree.

  • I wish to pursue doctoral studies in FW-B based on my Master's degree in research obtained in France.
  • I have a bachelor's degree obtained in Cameroon and I want to be admitted to a master's degree course.

To learn more about the offer of higher education in FW-B, consult the official higher education portal published by the Academy of Research and Higher Education (